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My Messy Month [March 2017]

Oh my goodness, y’all. I can’t even begin to tell you what starting this blog has done for me. Since it’s a site I own, I pay for, it finally feels like MINE. I think about writing all day, and I do. I WRITE SOMETHING EVERY DAY. Not all for the blog, obviously. But in general. I’m finally writing again. sigh Someone tell my therapist so that I can earn a free session or something.

Anyway, My Messy Month is going to be a monthly post I make to show you what I’m up to for the month, what I’m reading, what I’m currently into, and various other things! My goal is that we just create a community here. I want this blog to be an escape for people who are like-minded, who are struggling to find their own worthiness, or who just want something to read by a crazy person, to each their own.That being said, I want to share who I am with you guys, more than just the crazy! (Although, I’m not sure I have enough “not crazy” material to make a post more than once a month on that…) So, welcome to the March 2017 edition!

So I read like CRAZY. I loooove books. (I mean, duh) So this is what’s on tap for this month:

No One Knows by J.T. Ellison
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

So I’ve never read anything by Ellison or Slaughter, but I have read Jenny Lawson’s second book, Furiously Happy and LOVED IT. I also follow her blog, The Bloggess. She’s wonderful and I love her. If you struggle with depression and/or anxiety, or just love reading funny realness, I recommend her. (I plan to go to a book signing next month!)

And since I didn’t do a February edition (boo), here’s what I read last month:
Can you tell I love books?

Out of those 7, these two were my absolute FAVORITES and I highly recommend them:

So as well as reading just to read, I also do a weekly Bible study. This one I’ve actually done before, probably about 4 years ago? It was before we ever thought about adopting, we had actually just found out we were infertile. It was certainly a life interrupted. I remember crying the whole study, I was a messy. I felt unworthy of a child, that God was punishing me, that I wasn’t good enough to have a baby. Instead, he was just setting me up to adopt a little boy who would drive me to insanity and fill me with love all in the same 10 minutes. The church we started attending last year chose to do this study and I thought it’d certainly be interesting to see how I’ve changed through the years. I’m definitely curious to see if I’ll be as emotional this go-round.

Sidebar, I’m obsessed with my Bible study group. They are some of my favorite women on Earth. One of them has a blog too, Sustained by the King. And another has a YouTube channel with FREE workouts, LibertyFit.

Anywho (I’ve never said that in real life, FYI), I’ve also been really into the newest Panic! at the Disco album – Death of a Bachelor. I bought it the other day and have listened to it enough to know 90% of the words already… sooooo….

What else? OH! So when we bought this house, one of the things I loved was this calendar in the kitchen:
I always look forward to the first day of the month when I can erase it all and start new! Not sure you can really tell from the pictures, but there are a lot of baseballs on there, T-BALL PRACTICE STARTS SATURDAY! (I say that with fear as I realize I’m going to be handing my 4 year old a metal bat around several other 4 year olds)

March also brings Spring Break upon us, so I might not make it to the April edition of this after a week alone with my child, just a heads up.

Thanks for reading, y’all. Let me know what your messy month looks like!


8 thoughts on “My Messy Month [March 2017]

  1. Thank you for keeping it real — messes and all!!!!! Very refreshing :). Will have to check into some of these books!!!!! Thanks for the recommendations.

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  2. Love reading about your messy month as I sit recovery from a hysterectomy and hernia surgery. Thanks for the book ideas I was just wondering what I should have my hubby pick up from the library. Prayers for your sanity during spring break enjoy the time together before you know it he will be headed off to college. Thanks again Tabitha. Blessings


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