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My Messy Month [April 2017 + Book Club!]

Hey there! Guess who’s 8 days late to this post? No? Can’t guess?


Oh my gaaaaahhh I’ve had a rough month already. My child has been a tiny terrorist [omg don’t call the cops on him] and at the end of the day I am just over it. OVER. IT.


HI. How are you? It’s apparently April already and I can’t name one productive thing I’ve actually done for 2017, other than filing my taxes on time. Although, to be fair, my godparents are CPAs and I would never get away with filing late… so, really they filed for me on time and all I did was print a paper and hand it to them. OH. I did watch all of Stranger Things in one day last week, does that count? Nope? FINE.

So I have a problem, if y’all haven’t caught on, I buy a gazillion books a month. Like, more than a healthy person. So, like, don’t judge me as I’m about to show you all the new ones I have to tackle this month. Which I would like to pretend I won’t finish in the final 20-something days of this month, but who are we kidding?


Also, I’m still working on my Jonah study with my bible study group this month!


Remember my first post on this blog where I mentioned the possible idea of a little book club? WELL HERE YOU GO! I know you were all just so excited, all the daily messages saying, “OMG Tabitha, we are waiting on the edge of our seats wondering which book you’d like us to read with you. You are so wise and glorious, we can’t wait to be just like you!” I know, I know. So, I chose this book for the month of April:


Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. She is content enough—until a boy with eyes the color of the Atlantic Ocean moves in next door. Their complicated romance begins over IM and grows through a wunderkammer of vignettes, illustrations, charts, and more.

Everything, Everything is about the thrill and heartbreak that happens when we break out of our shell to do crazy, sometimes death-defying things for love. [description from Nicola Yoon’s website]

Okay, listen. This isn’t usually my type of book, but this thing has been IN MY FACE in every bookstore I’ve been to lately. So finally I was like… FINE. And it seems that it’s also being released as a movie next month. So, you know, I’ll just read this and then complain about everything in the movie. SOUND FUN? I think so too. No, seriously though, someone read this with me.

Also, I would like to make a formal announcement. I am forever being asked what the hell I’m drinking because my water bottle is always the color of pee. Y’ALL IT’S CRYSTAL LIGHT PEACH MANGO TEA.


So add that to your list of things to pick up at the store so you can be more like me. Also, add these adorable glittery pastel washi tapes from the Target dollar spot. I have like 39,477 of them. OBSESSED.


My month is full of fun things like Disney on Ice!, Easter, Family visits, and me trying not to sell my child to a new family on Craigslist.

What does your month look like? Tell me in the comments.

ALSO – Tell me if you’re gonna read the book with me!



10 thoughts on “My Messy Month [April 2017 + Book Club!]

      1. Read the book last night! I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to more recommendations from you! We should have an official book club meeting to drink coffee/wine while discussing the book!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. EXCELLENT IDEA. I’m almost done with it! (Every time I get to read, someone suddenly needs something from me. 😩😩) And now I keep seeing the movie preview during commercials all the time!


  1. I am going to read it with you! I cancelled my Netflix subscription so that I will read more, write more, and be in God’s word! Ordering NOW!

    And gosh…I mean…who the heck wouldn’t want to be like you!!! If they don’t, they just cray.


  2. I’ll trade you Jo for E. but that might be a wash with how she’s been behaving.
    And I’ll try to read the book, or a synopsis of it somewhere, just like high school.
    Also, I love Snapple peach tea so I might have to try Crystal Light travel size.


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