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My Kid’s Post-Gang Life [+ other possibly better titles for this blog post]

Other possible blog titles to include:
– What the hell has my kid been eating the past 4 years?
– I didn’t drink at all this week.
– I’ve discovered witchcraft.

That’s all I’ve got so far. You’re welcome.

Okay, but like… seriously. Y’ALL. Today marks one week since starting kiddo on a dye-free/(mostly) gluten-free diet. Spoiler alert: He is a different kid. A DIFFERENT KID, GUYS. 

Okay, so, if you are kind enough to read this blog on the regular – you would know that on Tuesday of last week is when all hell broke loose and my child done joined a gang or a cult or something. I thought we’d be on the news.

I will have you know that today I picked that same kid up from school today and his teacher GOT UP and walked over to me with a really serious face and I was terrified. But you know what she did? She walked up and said, “So, I don’t know who this child is, but he had a GREAT day.”  I seriously almost just started crying. And then I took him to t-ball, my most dreaded day of the week. He usually spends the entire hour eating his glove, digging the dirt, ignoring any adult that speaks to him, hitting the tee with his bat, twirling in the field, telling me he has to go potty, tackling people who ran after the ball… the list really goes on. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t find a way to act like a psycho at all tonight, but I will tell you that it was NOTHING like it has been the entire season. The “worst” tonight was him hysterically crying because he didn’t get a ball hit into his direction. Seriously… that was the worst. And towards the end he was super sluggish, but that poor boy was tired. I was shocked. SHOCKED. I usually count down all 60 minutes until the game is over, the time flew by tonight. *sigh*

So we had this talk with him right before we started him on this diet. We discussed how he had been eating foods that were helping him make bad choices and that he needed to work on picking foods that would help him make good choices. We also took him to Trader Joe’s and he got to pick some dye-free candy and cereal and snacks. He had his own little kid basket and he was having a blast. Oh yeah, you heard me, I GAVE MY CHILD A DAMN BASKET TO STEER ON HIS OWN. Ask me how many people he hit with the basket. JUST ASK ME. None. HE HIT NO ONE. I know.

So in case you’re wondering, this is what his normal lunch looks like now with his diet:IMG_20170425_165255_473

And tonight we were in charge of snacks for t-ball. So, I let kiddo pick out a healthy snack for his team. I was nervous he was going to get upset when he realized I wouldn’t let him put candy or chewy bars or whatever else in the snacks. But it turns out, after lots of talking about his new eating style this week, he could figure out something super fine all by himself:


I was super proud of him! He even helped me pack the bags! I still feel like this is just some weird fluke and it’s all going to end any minute. But until then, I’m soaking it up. I’m not saying he’s never going to have a bad day. Not at all. Heck, he still has a little attitude issue that we’re working on. What I am saying is, he’s been taken down a notch. The way your kid would normally behave on his worst day, kick that up a notch and that was kiddo most days. Now he’s down to a normal behavior that would be expected of a 4-year-old boy.

It’s weird the things that make you happy when you’re in your 30’s, amiright?

Anyways, you hopefully won’t see us on the news any time soon. Just thought I’d let you know. ❤



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