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God Bless TV. [messy mama #3]

Who do I send a thank you note to for kid friendly TV? Was there like a super tired mom that had a thousand things to do that was just like… my kid can’t watch this boring TV. LET’S CREATE KID TV! I feel like it was a mom. It probably wasn’t though. It was probably some dude that was just like, “My wife wanted me to watch the kids while she took a nap and so I was like… man these kids need something to watch while I do dude stuff and hammer some things.” [I do realize I could Google who created it, but let’s be honest here… I’m not going to.]

That was really sexist and stereotypical, sorry. Don’t send some sort of mob after me. But I mean…come on. *cough*

Look, y’all. I was raised on TV and I turned out GREAT. right? And we didn’t even have all the educational stuff they have now. I watched Bugs Bunny and stuff. What did that even teach me? To look for things falling from the sky? Well, great. Done. Success! That’s not to say that my kid watches all educational stuff…. there’s a lot of superheros involved. Although, that teaches him to save the little guy, right? RIGHT?

I used to be super judgmental about people who gave their small children electronics. My kid isn’t allowed to use tablets and phones until kindergarten. Look at me, look at me, my kid is super social and doesn’t use fancy gadgets! Yeah well, but I do stick him in front of the TV often. So who am I to judge, really?


That’s a picture of my very whiny, stuffed up, and grouchy child, taken 15 minutes ago watching Lego: Batman. Sitting among piles of laundry that I’m too lazy to put away while I take a minute to myself to blog. Because y’all, I haven’t had a second to myself to write in a while. When he’s sleeping, I work. When he’s awake, I play with him, read to him, or clean. When he’s at school, I cram all my appointments and stuff into those days. [I’m obviously very important] Sometimes I just cry. You know, because that’s normal.

So all this to say, do what you can to survive. No judgement here.

Also, super unrelated: [there are mild cuss words in the next paragraph, just FYI]

I subscribe to a subscription box called “Smartass and Sass” [because, of course I do] and this little quote came in my box this month and it cracks me up/makes me feel good.


Have a great week, y’all.


Dang, I should have gotten paid to promote that box. SOMEONE PAY ME.

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