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My Messy Month [June 2017]

…… It’s June.

It’s June in Texas and it’s raining and it’s humid and it’s hot and complaincomplaincomplain.

I’m currently pouting because I just realized Hulu took Daria off and I’m way too lazy to get up and get the DVDs to watch. So, you know, I’ll just complain to you. YOU’RE WELCOME. Let’s get started:


So I actually don’t have much scheduled during the week and that makes me SO HAPPY. That means while Kiddo is at school (yes, I have him in school 3 days/week over the summer to keep my sanity) I can do my work during the daytime and relax at night! (I normally work while he’s sleeping at night and shove everything I have to do for the week into his school days.)

And June has Father’s Day and I totally ordered Hubs an awesome gift and I’m super excited and I’m writing this to see if he actually reads my blog. [Nope, I won’t tell you what it is, Chuck.]

One of my main goals this month is to actually incorporate a writing day into my week. A day dedicated not only to this blog, but to write for my book no one will read. Doesn’t that sound fun? No, but in all seriousness, I always have an itch to write, but I never truly take the time to do it outside of this blog because all I can focus on is all the things I should be doing instead of writing. Like the laundry, the dishes, or leaving my house and being a decent person. Life is hard, amirite?

So I’m not going to do a book club pick this month for two reasons:
1.) It’s summertime and leave me alone.
2.) No one besides me and my sweet friend, Pauline, were reading the books anyway.
and 3.) I just wanted to drive people with OCD insane because I said there were two reasons. Carry on.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not reading. I mean, have you even met me? Here’s what’s on tap:


Feel free to join, or don’t, I DON’T CARE. Bitter, party of one? Haha no, I will pick back up with an official book club pick in August. But so Hope Unfolding and Love Unending came up in my Amazon “suggested books” when I bought the Pressing Pause book and I’m so happy that I got them.

First, Hope Unfolding is speaking to me as an exhausted mama right now. I’ve only read a chapter or two so far, but I can already tell it’s going to be a book I recommend to other mamas.

Second, Love Unending I would describe almost as similar to the Love Dare. Now, Hubs and I have done the Love Dare more than once and rave about it. We first did it because infertility took our marriage and ripped it to shreds and we had to rebuild and it worked wonderfully. Love Unending doesn’t seem to be quite as intense and it only speaks to the woman, which I love. The Love Dare is a broad command to both husband and wife. Love Unending is just taking things from the wife’s point of view and I’m really needing that right now. Marriage is hard, y’all. And as someone who is doing marriage with mental illness involved, often I need little reminders that I do love my husband and I do love my marriage. I know that sounds bad if you don’t understand, but I promise it isn’t a bad thing. My mental crap just tries to constantly convince me that Hubs doesn’t really love me and I’m just a big pain for him to be married to and I should just leave to make everything better for everyone. So yeah, sometimes I need a reminder that I don’t actually want that and maybe I should just be handing some more stuff over to the Man Upstairs, k?

And Pressing Pause, I actually have no memory of how I even came upon this book, but I did and I’m glad. It’s just 100 short little devotions to read every day for mamas. ❤

NEXT: Obsessions.

So, when I was a teenager I remember being obsessed with wearing makeup. I wouldn’t even leave the house to check the mail or go to the grocery store without having my makeup on. But the older and busier I got, the makeup went out the door. But as part of my attempt at improving my self-esteem, I have started wearing makeup again and I am loving it. And the fact that I actually have my own makeup space in my bedroom totally helps:


Yeah, it’s messy. Get off my back.

And here are some of my current “beauty” obsessions:


Kendra Scott nail polish – Omg these cost way too much money, but dude they match the stones that you get from KS and I just… *sigh* I got them for Mother’s Day. They’re GORGEOUS.

Too Faced Melted Matte – The color stays on so long, it dries fast and uhhhh I love it?

Bath and Body Works Pretty as a Peach – I love everything peach. Taste, smell, uhhh look? I don’t know, man, I like it. And my sweet MOPS mentor mama gave us little B&BW gifts at our last MOPS meeting.

Copper Eye shadow – I just love love love the color, mmkay?

Anything else? OH. Hubs and I are going to do a Bible Study together-ish. (aka – we are both studying the same book, but like… not doing it sitting next to each other every time. Make sense?)


So that’s what my current June looks like. Do you have anything exciting planned? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Messy Month [June 2017]

  1. I am excited to see how those bible studies go! I need some new ones but I feel like my day is just broken up into surviving one nap to the next nap! I finally finished all the missing girls…um awesome! I’m behind, whatevs I don’t care! BUT cheap me found overdrive Ap and I can check out digital books for FREE! I don’t really like digital, but medical bills made me have to resort to this because let’s face it, being a reader costs some dough! Thank you for your post! It is always a highlight to my day to open up my email and find a new post! For a few minutes while reading your crazy writing I realize that I am not alone and I am DEFINITELY not the only crazy woman just trying to survive motherhood and wife life! Xoxoxoxo


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