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Messy Worthiness Tries Datebox!

Let me start by saying you can actually watch our adventure here!

Okay so! Charles and I subscribed to this monthly service called Datebox. [not sponsored]. We were looking to switch up our regular dating, which consists of us going to a movie and eating our weight in popcorn. I saw an advertisement for Datebox on Facebook and jumped right on that. Our first one came this week!


I don’t think I have ever been so excited to “go” on a date with my hubs. We always just date while our kiddo is in school because we don’t want to drop money on a babysitter. If we stay in, we’re just on the couch watching TV and playing on our phones. We really needed to change our rut. I paid for a 3 month subscription, which I think averaged like $33 a box? Whatever, man. We were dropping way more than that on our movie dates.

Our box consisted of stuff to make homemade kettle corn, caramel apples, and apple cider together. And the “event” was an escape room game!! I was SO SO EXCITED! They even include a romantic Spotify soundtrack and conversation starters about your relationship together.

We loved it! It was so much fun doing something completely different than we normally do, literally something out of the box. I urge you to watch the YouTube video of us attempting this because frankly I believe that we are a hoot. We definitely would recommend this to you guys. I even bought a 3 month subscription as a gift for a friend’s wedding!

If you want $10 off your first box, leave me your email and I’ll send you a referral. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know if you want more videos from me!


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