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My Messy Month [July 2017]

It’s…. July. JULY. You know what that means?

IT’S HOT. And not only is it hot, everyone on social media is announcing how hot it is. You know, like me right now. 


Well, yesterday was 4th of July. We had some friends and family over and we grilled burgers and hot dogs, ate watermelon and chips, and watched fireworks. duh. And I actually only got like 2 pictures. None of them of fireworks. (why bother? The rest of social media takes them for me.)

Otherwise, I actually don’t have a terribly busy month… outside of regular appointments. Oh and I have jury duty for the very first time in my life. I pray they hear one of my inappropriately timed sarcastic comments and send me home after the first 10 minutes.

Anyway, here’s what I plan on reading this month:


So some of these books have been featured on past months, but never got read and kept getting pushed back. So I’ve added them to this month’s list in hopes that I actually do them. Also, I’ve been put on a book timeout by my husband. Apparently there’s a place to get free books called “the library”. WHO KNEW?

And that book, Tiny Beautiful Things? That is a book that my sweet friend, Knowing Lola, wrote about on her blog! She has a summer reading challenge going. She’s been raving about it to me, so I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as she does. And if I don’t? Well, then we just aren’t friends anymore and that’s that.

So if you look closely, you’ll see that ERC is written on the calendar 3 days a week, all month long. ERC stands for Eating Recovery Center… and that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve begun an intensive outpatient program for eating disorders. It has been on my heart to share what I’ve been going through, but I’m not *quite* ready to write that blog yet. I know I don’t have to. I don’t owe anyone anything… however I want to. I want to share what I’ve been dealing with, but it’s hard. I do things that no one knows about. No one. And it’s scary to share. I’ll get there. Also, to me, by not sharing… I’m letting it control me. I’m so open about all my struggles on this blog. That’s the whole point. So I want to share, I want others to know they aren’t alone. It’ll come. I’m not going to rush it. So bare with me and wish me well. ❤

What does your month look like?



Oh also – seriously… how do I make them not want to pick me for jury duty?
Also also – I’ve started watching Dexter again from the beginning. I feel wrong for being so attracted to him. BUT HE KILLS BAD GUYS SO IT’S OKAY, RIGHT?
Also also also – I just wanted to add another also.



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