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Dear Mama Tribe,

Dear Mama Tribe,

Man, I am so thankful for y’all. You see, I’m a mess. And praise Jesus, because you’re a mess too. Sometimes I tell myself that you might be even messier than me. It’s good to have dreams. 

I just wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you. Thank you for not cleaning your house before I come over. Thank you for not expecting me to clean mine. (Spoiler alert!: I won’t.) Thank you for letting me wear pajama pants at 2pm and thanks for understanding when I cancel plans via text because I’m convinced my child has joined some sort of serial killer society and “I just can’t today”. You get me. I get you. We’re all one big mess. 

Thank you for telling me how good I look on days I didn’t wash my hair. Thank you for pretending you don’t smell me when I see you right after the gym. Thank you for not calling the cops when I threaten to push my child in front of a bus because you know I’m only joking….kind of. 

Thank you for loving my kid on his bad days. Thank you for loving me on mine. Thank you for making it so that I’m not alone when the whole world feels like it’s closing in. 

Thank you for helping me create fun code words so we can talk about inappropriate things in front of our children and thank you for not even missing a beat when I reveal a secret that’s insane. 

Thank you for being in my tribe, for being a part of me. I love you. 

(I’m blessed to be surrounded by a HUGE tribe of women. I hope you are too! Please like/comment/share) 

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