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I’m pretty important, soooo….

What’s that? Two posts in a row? YEAH. Wanna know why? Because I spent the whole day caring about myself. And guess what? It inspired me to share. ❤

So, before you run off and tell your BFF that I’m “super self-obsessed and kind of a jerk”, which is still pretty true, just know that the eating recovery center gave me the challenge of focusing on “self care” today, instead of spending all of my free time becoming overwhelmed by all the things I’m “supposed to do”.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to relax… all I can focus on is the the stuff that needs to be done instead. I’ll sit down, flip on Netflix, and instead of paying attention to what’s actually going on, I only think, “I should really be starting a load of laundry right now…” And then I go through a whole list of all the ways I’ve failed at using my time wisely that day and end up just going to bed feeling like I’m just one big screw up. You know, after I eat everything in my pantry and fridge because life is too hard to actually deal with. And then I go to my therapist and cry about how I never have time to do anything for myself and the whole world feels like it’s closing in on me and really can someone else just be in charge or something?

So, today was my day. Kiddo was at his summer school program and so even though I should have done a thousand other things today, I chose to ignore all of them and just do things I wanted to do and not feel guilty about ignoring all my responsibilities for just one day.


So I started the day by taking kiddo to school late, because we certainly do NOT wake up before 7:00 on my special selfish day, thankyouverymuch. Then I went to the little bakery here in town and got a white chocolate mocha and sat in the outdoors (which isn’t too hot at 8am, thank the Lord) and I read a book for an hour. (I may or may not have gotten a chocolate croissant too, whatevez.)


Then I went to my regular (not ED related) therapist for an hour and basically had my second mental breakdown in a 24 hour period, thus proving the self-care day is super needed. Also, I might have hugged him several times during the hour. God bless that very patient man.

And then off to the gym, to which I will spare you the very sweaty picture that went to my accountability group. But I definitely started perking up after the gym. I always hated people who were like, “OMG! I can’t live if I don’t start my morning at the gym! I crave it!” just….ew. But also like… I get it.

Then I came home, took a shower, put on pajamas at noon, and then curled on the couch read a lot more. I also will admit to doing a load of laundry, but this girl needed pants. And no matter how selfish of a day I’m having, I’m pretty sure Kiddo’s school won’t let me pick him up without pants on. But if you know anything about me, you’ll actually find out I love doing laundry. Hanging it up/putting it in drawers? No. But folding hot laundry from the dryer? YEEEESSSSS.

Once I had proper pants/$2 shorts from Walmart on, I got kiddo and met up with my new friend Liz and her kiddo to watch Despicable Me 3 and then go to dinner! (not including picture of Liz, because she’s awesome and SHE’S MY FRIEND SO BACK OFF.)

Then I came home and shoved that cute little sucker of a child into bed and busted out a coloring book, my favorite TV show and found the page in the book that looked most like a drawing of myself…

OH OH! And I got this fun book at Half-Price Books a few days ago and I busted it open tonight and did one of the exercises. So much fun! And definitely inspired me!

Also… can’t forget ending the day with chocolate milk…


I was given the cup, y’all. I would never own a cup with a curse word on it. … never. *cough* And yes, yes I am wearing a Power Rangers shirt. I’m an adult, clearly.

SO. How do you do self-care? Seriously, let me know in the comments.
And as always, feel free to like/share/comment/give me a book deal.
You know, whatever.



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