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Not Today, Satan

Hey y’all.

Lately my depression has been fiercely fighting to pull me under. Some days I’ve let it completely consume me and other days I’ve been able to put on a happy face and make it through. The past couple of days have been pretty bad, but today I’ve focused on trying to mentally create a list of reasons to live/things that I love and make me happy.

So, since I know you spend all day thinking about me and what makes me happy, I present to you:

Tabitha’s List of Happy Crap:


It makes me happy that I’ve started wearing make up again. I’ve spent many years not giving a crap what I look like and hating looking in a mirror. But lately I’ve been trying to find ways to make myself want to look in the mirror, make up is a fun way to do so!


Face masks. My friend Katie sends me a pic like this about once a week. So I finally did one today and I loooove it. It smells so good. SO GOOD. I don’t even care if the face masks actually “illuminates”. I just am happy to smell this for 20-30 minutes.


Golden Girls quotes in my kitchen. Enough said.


Speaking of my kitchen, I’m making muffins. MUUUFFFIIINNNSS.


I love doing my transcription work at the library while my kiddo is at school. Leaves time for me to relax at night. (instead of doing the work at night like I usually do) Not to mention the AWESOME unicorn lunchbox. I mean, come on.


Goddaughter snuggles and sleepovers. Those are the best. (only pic of a goddaughter without a face in it. haha I don’t need their cuteness stealing MY FAME. GAH.)


Flowers. The yellow ones were brought to me today very unexpectedly by my sweet friend KC. She knew I’d been having a crappy time because she babysits kiddo on Monday nights while I go to Recovery. It took everything to not have a mental breakdown in her living room when I picked him up the other night, but she could tell I was not okay. So flowers were a wonderful surprise.

And not pictured: The surprise dinner that was brought to me tonight when my goddaughter arrived. Chili. MY FRIENDS BROUGHT ME CHILI. (it’s one of my favorite things ever, just so you know.)

Those are just some of the things I’ve thought of today. Obviously there are a thousand other reasons to live and other things that make me happy. Like my husband, my child, my family…

…but let’s be honest, they’re boring. (buh dum bum chaaa)

What things do you love that help get you through the bad days? Let me know so I can try some!

As always, feel free to like/share/follow/bring me candy.



5 thoughts on “Not Today, Satan

  1. I write. A lot. About everything and anything. Because usually when my writing starts out heavy with triggers of my anxiety, if I keep free writing, it turns into stupid crap that make me laugh about something that happened during the day.

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  2. When depression comes knocking to my door, I clean. I clean because it’s therapeutic and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I do what you do and try to limit the things that don’t make me happy. I listen to a lot of loud music whilst taking a drive out to the country because the beauty and awesome jam distract me from the feelings. And I talk about it, something I haven’t done in the past, I’m fortunate to be marrying a man that gets me… he gets me. It’s a rarity for anyone to get me but he does. I let him know when I’m feeling a bit on the funk side, and he always finds a way to break me out if it.

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  3. I will play a song on repeat. I get one song that makes me feel better and, well I cry, and sing it on repeat. Few favorites: Holy Spirit, 10,000 reasons, It is Well, Good Good Father, you saved my soul, and no longer slaves. I take a bath and read. When it gets bad (maybe like tonight…ahhhh stupid OCD) I break down to the hubby hoping I don’t scare him with my crazy….

    I used to run….but… cream

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