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Do you ever feel like you are a super big failure and nothing you do is right and then you spend the whole day just mentally beating yourself up about all the things you did that were horrible that day? Hmm? No? Mmkay, go head and keep rubbing that in my face then, thanks. 

So here’s the thing, I do that. I do that so much. But not about things you think I would. I mean, I do for all those things too, but I also do it about an ill-timed joke, the possibility that someone might have taken something I said wrong, not doing something the way I had planned, forgetting to do something, etc. So ridiculous, but gives you a glimpse into why my self esteem is so bad… I never give myself a second to think positive thoughts because I’m so busy beating myself up.

(completely unrelated – I’m watching Raven’s Home on Disney and I forgot how much Raven’s facial expressions crack me up.)

So, at recovery the therapist asked us to start a journal where we give ourselves three graces every day. Something that we can look back on the day and be like “….eh, I kind of beat myself up about that and I should have given myself grace instead because I’m human and humans do things and that’s life and let’s move on, mmkay?”

Yeah, all of that. And when she gave us this assignment I rolled my eyes and loudly went, “UUUGGGHHHH” But then like… I did the homework because I’m a rule follower and obviously the best person in the world. And it turns out… I really love doing this. I really love looking back at my day and telling myself, “Dude, you’re totally going to be okay and people make mistakes. And chances are that you can’t really read people’s minds like you think you can and maybe everyone isn’t spending their whole day thinking about how you ruined their lives.” 


So after saying all that, I’m challenging you to start doing this for yourselves if you struggle with self-esteem and guilt all the time. I’m giving you plenty of notice so that you can go out and find a super sparkly notebook to do this in and start August 1st. Can you handle that? It’s like a whole weekend AND a Monday. I got one at Walmart for like $2. And I want to see it. You don’t have to share the personal graces if you don’t want, it could just be a pic of your journal, but I want to see if you’re joining in on this! Use the hashtag – #messygraces

I’ll remind you August 1st, obviously, because I’m bossy. I’m excited to see how our lives improve when we can give ourselves more grace every day.


P.S. The Emoji Movie is a beating. Don’t do it. DON’T. DO. IT.

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