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Teddy, The Bear Without a Nose.

When we adopted Kiddo, I wracked my brain trying to think of all the things I wanted to do to celebrate his new life with us being officially official. We threw a party and made a big deal out of the whole shabang.

My mom was so in love with Josiah, I actually had to tell her that she had to reign the gifts in once she found out we were getting to be his forever family. I remember that we were walking around the mall one day right after his adoption and my mom asked if we could take him to Build-A-Bear. I had never been to BAB before and I didn’t get the hype. It’s just a stuffed animal, dude. What’s the big deal?

Little did I know that not only would BAB become an adoption day tradition for our family, but that dang bear would be a family member that comes everywhere we go, even 3 years later.

BAB is an important part of Kiddo’s adoption day. Why? Well at BAB you adopt the dang animal! It’s a whole special thing. And you kiss the heart that’s inside. Teddy’s heart was kissed by Kiddo and my mom. The other ones (years 1&2 are kissed by me, Hubs, and Kiddo) This opens up a big conversation between our family every year about how he was adopted and how we promised to take special care of him, just like he promised to take care of his special animal he adopted.

The first few months we had Teddy, little 2 year old Kiddo chewed his nose off. Every year when we bring him along to BAB for adoption day (Josiah insists it’s Teddy’s adoption day too. He gets a new accessory and everything. I don’t want to talk about it.) The staff offers to replace poor Teddy’s nose. Josiah and I are very passionate about the fact that Teddy is perfect just the way he is.

As we approach Kiddo’s third adoption day anniversary on Monday, Teddy is even more special. Teddy is filled with a heart containing a kiss from my mom and this is our first adoption day without her. In fact, last adoption day was the very last time I saw her, spoke to her, heard her voice.

Next week is going to be a little rough, but I’ll get through it. I just hope Kiddo is willing to let me sleep with Teddy. That wouldn’t be weird, right?

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