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That Time I Went To A Hanson Concert

Well, turns out I haven’t posted a blog in two weeks. But everyone just calm down, okay? I had a friend visiting me from out of town and we were busy, mmkay? We were busy doing important adult-y things…. like eating ice cream, watching movies, playing with makeup, and going to a concert.

Hmm? oh, you want to know what concert? Well, hold on. Let me explain. It went something like this:

*dreamy flashback music*

Me: Oh my gahhh, Hanson is going on an anniversary tour.
Katie: What?
Me: Hanson seems to want to play MMBop on a stage in Austin.
Me: OMG We should go, it’ll be so hilarious and fun!
Katie: YES!


So, the tickets said doors open at 7, show starts at 8. And of course we’re super cool, so we arrive around 7:45 because we didn’t want to seem to eager to MMMBop in public. The line is wrapped around the building to get in. WRAPPED. AROUND. THE. BUILDING. It is 7:45pm on a Wednesday night in Austin, Texas. Surely there is something more exciting to do? SURELY. But clearly not, because everyone in the great state of Texas seems to be at this Hanson show. It is an all ages show and there are defiantly ALL ages in attendance.

So the show starts and they are singing songs I’ve never even a little bit heard and Katie and I look at each other with sheer confusion as everyone around us not only knows these songs, but are like live streaming, snapchatting, whatever else the kids do these days. So naturally, I get on my phone and type in something along the lines of “WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AT THIS HANSON CONCERT?” And Google spits back a response that was something like, “Taylor Hanson alone is worth $20 million.” and “Hanson’s sixth record sold…”


So upon reading that, Katie and I immediately said, “We definitely do not belong here.” And we uncomfortably stood behind a very ecstatic 50+ year old woman who was gyrating to every song while we waited for them to play the song we came to hear. After TWENTY SONGS they finally “be dippy dop ba doo wop”ed and we got the heck out of there and went to Voodoo Donuts and shoved our faces.

But I mean… not before I bought a shirt…


WHAT? I swear I had this exact shirt back in the ’90s and I got excited.

So anyways, that’s how I learned that the Hanson brothers have more money than I will ever see in my life and that’s totally fine. toooootally fine.

Anyone else gotten stuck at a concert they didn’t belong at?

Side note – I’ve also gone to a Nelly concert.


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