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My Messy Month [October 2017]


It may or may not be 10 days into October. MY BAD. I’d like to be able to tell you that there will be a day when I post on time…but I prefer not to lie. Listen, I’m a busy lady, okay? I have things to do, like catch up on Halloween Baking Championship and Halloween Wars and shove Nutella covered pretzels in my mouth. Hmm? What?

Alright, here we go:


Y’all, I love decorating for holidays and so did my mother. When she died, my siblings brought over all the holiday decoration boxes because they knew I’d fight for them. I’m sure when they get families and houses of their own someday I’ll have to share. But until then… FIGHT ME FOR THEM, GUYS. FIGHT ME.

Okay things got weird for a sec. Anyway… I DECORATED.

All the fabric pumpkins you see were made by my mama! I also let Kiddo contribute…



OH. And we added two new family members. Meet BOOford and BOOtrice. That’s right, I named them.


So, there ya go! I’m adorable, I know. There’s also an inflatable Snoopy popping out of a pumpkin out in the yard and lit up spider webs in the windows, but I didn’t already have a pic of those on my phone and it’s 9:45pm and there’s bugs outside. So, use your imagination.

I’ve got some new things happening this month. First, I’m taking on the role of personal nanny for one of our goddaughters. I get to have her Monday – Friday during business hours and I’m so happy. My heart has been longing for a little girl, but my head is like EIGHTEEN TO LIFE, GIRL. EIGHTEEN TO LIFE. So this is the perfect compromise. I get to love on a little girl all day long and then give her back to her mama at 5pm. haha!

Also, I’ve been really beating the crap out of myself about all the weight I’ve gained this past year. 60 pounds. My clothes are tight where they used to fall off of me and my self-esteem is getting worse by the day. I’ve been able to stop the gain, but I haven’t done much about losing it. So, to work on my self-esteem, I’ve been really making an attempt at my make up! (the past 15 years has been me not wearing any, or slapping some eyeliner on and call it a day.) One of my goals this month is to actually organize my current hot mess of a makeup counter:

It hasn’t fixed the problem, but it’s helped it a bit. If nothing else, I’m having fun!

Oh also, I said that I was going to pick my “book club” back up in September and then I … didn’t. BUT I’m back at it. So, if you’re new here, know that “book club” is actually called “Messy Book Club”, which means that there really aren’t any rules. I’m just telling you my book pick of the month and you can join me, or not. There’s no test at the end. You could lie to me and told me you read it and I wouldn’t know any different. (you know, like high school)

So October’s pick: Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie. It’s coming out as a movie next month and we all know the book is always better. So, join me in reading this so we can all go see the movie next month and make loud sighs at everything they got wrong. Sounds fun, right?


Alright, I suppose that’s it. Stay tuned for my Halloween costume reveal at the end of the month! And let me know if you plan to read along with me. Again…. I won’t really check either way. #lazy


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