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Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache.

Something about me that confuses a lot of people is that I call Rocky Horror Picture Show my favorite movie of all time. People who have seen it say, “Really? It’s…your favorite of all time?” And to that I say, “OH ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT!” (Yes, that totally required all caps.) Let me explain myself, because I feel like this is totally worth the explanation.

So, if you are an adult and you’ve never seen RHPS, then I don’t suggest you start now. That is something that requires proper supervision because frankly the movie is awful and I’m positive you wouldn’t survive the first sight of Tim Curry in full on drag. It’s not a movie that you just sit down at 11pm on a Monday and watch with popcorn on your couch. I mean…I would… But not you. Trust me.

If you have seen it at a theater with a shadow cast, then you totally get me. The whole thing is a wildly inappropriate blast. How can you not enjoy any movie event that allows you to toilet paper the theater? Or allows you to sing loudly and dance during the movie? Or shout sarcastic jokes in between lines?

I saw RHPS for the first time when I was seven years old. I know, I totally just heard you gasp. In my mom’s defense, it was the super edited/censored TV version and literally everything said and done went completely over my head. It was just a movie my mom loved that was played on reruns in the 90s. So, I decided I would love it too. I learned all the words (again, which were completely over my head) and I danced the Time Warp. Plus, Tim Curry wore sparkly heels.

I started noticing that I was the odd duck out. None of my friends had ever seen it (probably because their parents didn’t make questionable movie decisions). But how I longed for someone to understand how wonderful this terrible movie was.

You see, RHPS was released in the 70s and the world was like ….what the hell is happening right now? But they discovered the weirdos came out at night and they moved it to a theater that did midnight showings. The movie gained a cult following and people would show up in costume and shout things at the screen. They’d sing and dance and bring props. My mom always told me this when I’d watch it. To this day, it is still shown at midnight around the U.S. And I started to join the crowd of freaks and weirdos that attended these shows. I started slapping on red lipstick and fishnets and quoting along. For my 30th birthday the cast in Austin let me be a part of the show (Plain ol’ Betty Monroe). That was definitely a dream come true


Being a part of this experience was something amazing. At Rocky Horror, it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you wear, how much money you make. No one cares, we all just want a little escape for two hours. Tonight I went for the first time since my mom died and it was a little sad for me, but I’m glad she gave this to me. I’m glad I got to be a part of something that not everyone understands. It’s something amazing and special and mine.

Do you have a movie that speaks to you on this level? Maybe one that just no one seems to understand, but it is just….you? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache.

  1. Several years ago, my husband told me that he loves this movie and that, when he was growing up, he and his dad would watch it together. I can’t really explain it, but knowing that made me love them both even more—something about just knowing that they were able to enjoy/celebrate the weirdness brought me comfort.

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