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Hey there! You might be here because you’re a regular reader, or you might be here because my 5 year old put an item out into the world with a hashtag on it and it lead you here. Either way, WELCOME! And let me explain…

My last blog post talked about how bitterness is just making its way through my family right now and it’s not a good look on us. And when my child looked me dead in the eye and told me that he “was going to only be good for Santa”, I just about lost it. You know that meme going around online that’s like, “Have wrapped boxes under the tree that look like gifts and when your kid is being a scrooge, throw one into the fire”? I was at that level…just too lazy to have any wrapped boxes…or a fire in Texas. Instead, I’ve been trying to talk about kindness every day, even on days I don’t feel like being kind myself (which can be often lately). And then it hit me… Let’s DO something!

Enter my anxiety induced hour of my child painting at my kitchen table:

I got these little wood chip things at Hobby Lobby forever ago and never used them. I think they were like $2. After his wild painting spree that ended in me throwing him in a bathtub and scrubbing the wall behind him… We (I) wrote kind phrases and words on them.

I wrote #messykindness on the back and tomorrow we plan to go on a walk and/or drive around the neighborhood and/or city and drop these on doorsteps. I also plan to take him on a walk to find rocks to paint and do some more. ❤

So guess what? I now challenge you! Grab your kid, your spouse, your cat, yourself (🙈) and make some. Slap the hashtag on the back and leave them where people can find them. If you found one – AWESOME! Keep it as long as your heart needs it and spread the love!

And obviously tag me in your pics!!!



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