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I decorate with body parts for Christmas, apparently.

My child has been singing Jingle Bells since May. I, too, am shocked that I’m not over the idea of Christmas. I was thinking I could take you through a tour of my house because it’s my favorite thing ever at Christmas!

First off, I saw my first real snow last week:


We have a whole Charlie Brown situation going on outside. Over there on the left, you see our drunken Snoopy. We call him that because no matter what we do… he REFUSES to stand up. Why don’t we just take him down? Well, because then I wouldn’t say I have a drunk Snoopy, duh.

So, our decorations are a lot of my mom’s. My favorite being her tree:
Look how gorgeous it is with the lights off too:

*sigh* I just love it so much. I’ve also started really loving little Christmas gnomes and they are scattered among the stuffs. And as my hubs works on a train… there’s far more trains involved than there would be if he didn’t. Just saying. haha

Oh, also! This year we have a tree in *almost* every room for the first time. Yes… that means there’s a plunger tree decorated in toilet paper in my son’s bathroom. Hmm? What’s that? You’re jealous? Thought so.

I love getting Christmas cards and I always have a hard time taking my display of them down at the end of the month.


So, my dear mother loved Christmas decor. In fact, she had a LOT more than what I took. The rest of it is either in boxes or on display at my brother and sister’s apartment. It stresses me out just thinking about how much more stuff there is. I might need a break. Un momento.

mmkay. I’m back.

She loved Santa… heads. SANTA HEADS. These are the ones I could find immediately without having to make an effort. I know for a fact there are more.

We always gave her a really hard time for that. I found it creepy that they didn’t have bodies. And then… and then I found myself almost buying a Santa head yesterday and my husband shot me a look that I interpreted as, “If you don’t put that down, I will divorce you.”

So, maybe next year?

Anyway, that’s a glimpse into my Christmas decor! There’s more tiny detials around, but let’s be real… I’m too lazy to capture it all. ❤ And let me know – do you have any body parts as Christmas decor?


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One thought on “I decorate with body parts for Christmas, apparently.

  1. You are far from lazy, Tab. You seem to have a true sense of boundaries .Your home has a beautiful feel & spirit to it. Love you bunches🎄❤️🎄.


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