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You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you.

Well, it kind of is….

GAH, I can’t believe I didn’t post last week! So sorry! Well, not really because I’ve been so busy and haven’t had a minute to myself. So, really, how about you just get off my back? GREAT. (Warren…Warren…Where does all this hostility come from? – name that movie.)

Hey so, apparently January ends next week and I feel like I’ve done nothing wildly productive besides keeping my head above water. And I guess that’s all that matters, so I’ll take it. Last week we (me) talked about being vulnerable. Did you do it? Didn’t think so. That’s fine, I have another challenge for you and this one is way more fun: SELF CARE.

I’ve pretty much said I’m done with new years resolutions because I don’t need to give myself more ammunition to feel like a failure. So, I’m just trying to find little things I can work on that I know I can master. And frankly, forcing myself to take 10 minutes or more all to myself a day at this point in my life? Sign me up. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it too. And don’t misunderstand what self care requires – it does not require you to go out and spend money you do not have. I have spent money, but not always. Most of the time I just use what I got.

So, here are my favorite ways to give myself some attention every day. (Yes, do it every day.)

1. Go to the gym. Not to obsess over weight or my body, but to feel good about myself. I don’t always “go hard”. Sometimes I just walk on the treadmill at a slow pace and listen to music and just enjoy the air conditioning and a moment without a child screaming at my face.

2. Pamper. That’s right, I said it. Pamper. But that doesn’t mean go out and drop money on an expensive massage, because I do NOT have money for that. So, I’ll make sure to take the extra time to put on makeup, use a face mask, or paint my nails. It makes me feel good sometimes. ❤

3. Read. Well, this one is obviously my favorite and doesn’t really need explaining. But really it’s just nice to put the rest of the world away and jump into a new one sometimes.

4. Music. Not just any music, but fun music. If I’m cleaning, I’ll turn on 90s jams or some oldies like the Beatles and the Monkees. I end up dancing around and singing while I clean. And that, my friend, is what Oprah calls “multitasking”.

So, obviously there are a million ways to self care, these are just some of my favorites. Let me know some new things for me to try! I’d really love some ideas!

I challenge you to do some self care this week! And when you do it, take a pic and tag me in it so I can see with the hashtag #ididittabithagetoffmyback yeah, seriously. Do it.



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