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Did Somebody Say Cake? [Brittany’s Story]

[submission by reader Brittany in honor of NEDA Awareness Week!]
I’ve suffered with eating disorders all my life. I went from binge eating at a young age to starting to do cocaine in high school, skipping meals, and excessive working out to  lose weight.
After school I started doing crystal meth to lose weight, pills, cocaine, you name it, til I had LEGEND.  Everything stopped except me skipping meals sometimes or taking laxatives to lose weight.
When I’m genuinely happy, I’m heavier. My weight will fluctuate between me being a size 0 to a size 12. I still struggle sometimes with making myself eat. Currently I’m happy with life other than my weight…  I love food and enjoy eating. My struggle is being comfortable in clothes when I’m heavier and feeling confident in myself. I tend to be my worst critic when it comes to myself.
I would love to have a steady healthy weight  where I’m happy and don’t have to strive or take substances to attain that.
❤ Thank you so much for sharing your story, Brittany.

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