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Why the Roseanne Reboot is Important.

I am so here for all these television show reboots. The second they announced they were bringing Boy Meets World back (in the form of Girl Meets World) a few years ago, I was like, “BRING IT ALL BACK, BABY!” And here we are, it’s a great day to be alive in my world.

Tomorrow, my family is back on TV.

If you were my friend in high school, you might remember that as the running joke – Tabitha’s family is like an episode of Roseanne. Everyone is yelling at everyone, people are in and out all day, someone is always shouting about having no money, someone isn’t talking to someone else today, there is a sarcastic response to every question, everything is falling apart, and everything is just LOUD… but dammit we love each other.

Roseanne was the first family of its kind on TV and honestly, people loved it or hated it. For me, it was more than just TV. I know that might make me sound a little crazy, but hang on. Roseanne showed me a depressed teenager for the first time in my life. A time in which I too was severely depressed. It also showed me that, even though it wasn’t a real family, that other families aren’t perfect. They don’t have the “after school special” ending every night before they go to bed. Sometimes the day just ends… sometimes it just wasn’t a great day. Sometimes it seems like life is going to fall apart.

Roseanne taught me that family may drive you insane, but at the end of the day… they’re family. That some moms yell and some siblings don’t talk to each other for a little while. That sometimes you don’t have money to pay the bills and sometimes people get divorced. Sometimes you can be falling apart in front of the rest of your family and you can say what you feel like you need to say and sometimes they still won’t understand.

Yes, Roseanne showed all of that. Just watch it all, you’ll see.

Are there families like that on TV now? Um…sure? The Middle shows a “normal” family, so does American Housewife. However… they still have the “happy ending” at the end of the episodes. Roseanne didn’t always. Sometimes topics were hard and sometimes you couldn’t finish it in 30 minutes, it was too important.

I don’t know what tomorrow’s reboot brings, but I hope it’s the same in many ways. I hope it’s real and I hope it gives the world the stuff we need.

Call me crazy, that’s fine, but I’m excited. ❤


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