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Messy Mama: When The Days End In Tears.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ended a parenting day in tears. Kiddo is always testing me, but the tears haven’t come so easily anymore. It’s more just eye rolls and mild threats to set all his toys on fire, no big deal.

But man, today was rough. I picked him up from school to news of a rough day. Fine. We all have our days. However, when I calmly and simply just questioned him about it, he threw a tantrum, the likes of which I had never seen before. He was kicking the back of the chair in my car, he was throwing toys, he was screaming like someone was pulling a limb from his body.

Alright, so then I told him he was not allowed to attend a birthday party this evening that I was actually really looking forward to going to. Of course that fueled the rage, resulting in him kicking my walls and screaming more. Not sure who this kid I brought home was, I’ve only seen him behave like this maybe three other times in his 5 years of life.

I made him clean his room and then went in an hour later to help him while we talked calmly about his outburst. He seemed like he was back to normal. So I decided maybe all he needed was some special love. So we sat on the couch and watched a movie together. Awesome.

Then comes a smooth bedtime routine, teeth, book, potty….then telling me to get out of his room.

…Uhhh okay jerk.

So I leave and he then starts screaming at me and demanding that I come back in his room to say prayers and tuck him in???


Y’all, today has just been rough. I let a few tears fall and now I’m just sitting on the couch in silence trying to remind myself that these days aren’t forever. That it’s okay to be angry at these moments, but to also remember that this isn’t my every day. To just breathe. Let it go and let him sleep it off. We all have rough days.

And apparently this all started because some kid at school was annoying him.


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